Diagnosis And Health Consult

You can seek a consult to understand the basic map of your body, mind and emotions. You can seek a consult if you are are ailing and looking for support with natural therapies. You can seek support if you are facing emotional challenges and you can seek support if you don’t understand what’s happening to you at all. Yogavahi Wellness is a safe confidential space to offload everything that troubles you, if you are willing to walk on the journey of self-repair and recovery.

Yogavahi Wellness offers a special support system for neurodiverse kids and their caregivers and parents. ASD/ ADHD/ CP/ Down Syndrome kids can be supported for their physiological health with nutritional changes and routines . Gut health support is essential for atypical kids because it has a ripple effect on the other areas of life like learning , behaviour, focus and assimilation in their schools . When their gut health is taken care of then their supportive therapies like Occupational therapy/ speech therapy/ Special education yields trifold results and progress. The consultation offers specific support as per the kid’s condition, cultural background, location, family environment on a continuous long-term basis. This support is extended on occasions of kids’ common ailments like cold cough, viral infections , travel related ailments  so as to  ease the road to recovery.