Past Retreats

When a bunch of fun loving women got together to shower self -love and relearn self -care , luxury farmhouse Vasumdhara , reverberated with laughter and enthusiasm.
From scintillating discussions on hospitality, legal norms to IT sector, all the participants shared their slice of life and enriched each other. They learnt to understand their bodies, observe their emotions and take a moment to JUST BE AND BREATHE. Chill in the wind drove everyone to lighting a bonfire and having fun around till wee hours of the evening. They came in as strangers and went back as friends. Vasumdhara team and I were greatly honored to host these firecrackers.
Karjat is located equidistant from Mumbai and Pune and takes 2 hours only to reach.
If not the majestic Himalayas then where else will we feel enamoured enough to take a pause and look within. A group of five feisty women came in from different locations like Singapore, Mumbai, Pune and reached Leh to have the journey of a lifetime. From village walks, plucking apricots to swimming in chilled water of the pools, we did it all. At the behest of the group we did much more than the itinerary, from dancing in the dunes to walking the unknown mountains lanes .
From media to education to design, participants from different backgrounds learnt to let go of their professional demeanours to just become the girls out to have fun with Yoga, Pranayama and Ayurveda. They discovered themselves again and ignited the love for their own body and mind. They came in as professionals and returned as women who fell in love with their own self.

Self care retreat

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Energy Exchange -13,999/- per
Before 28th Feb – 11,999/- per

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