Yogavahi is the concept of “Bioenhancer” which means the quality of a substance which enables it to carry other substances to distant places and making it available at the place of utilization. In medical terms, bio enhancers augment the bioavailability or biological activity of drugs when co administered with principal drug at low doses .The bio enhancers all of us most familiar with are  ghee (clarified butter), honey and milk .

Yogavahi Wellness

Abode for self-care

Self -care is the first step to self -love.

Self-care is the first step to know yourself better

Self-care is the first step for a better you “TODAY”

If you believe that you are responsible for your own wellness , then this space is for you. If you think that your health depends on other people or factors then you should shutdown the page now.

Ayurveda places the responsibility of well-being on each individual. It is our duty to understand our own physical, emotional and mental characteristics.

Whenever we feel unwell and visit a medical practitioner , we ask them as to what is the cause of our ailment. Sometimes they can pinpoint a cause and sometimes they aren’t able to. Ayurveda explains the map of our body , mind and emotions so well that it equips us to understand the cause as well as the effect of everything .

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About the founder – Shveta Mishra

From the journey of  self to others and back to self again, I have discovered that everything is interconnected and cyclical . Even before I studied Ayurveda academically, I was on a journey of self-observation and it took me 4 years to understand the root cause of every sneeze and every spasm in the muscles and that was limited to only myself. It can’t be and should not be projected to other individuals. My self -care journey began with the Teacher’s training course at THE YOGA INSTITUTE,MUMBAI , a 105 year old institution training in classical form of Yoga. On this path of wellness , Ayurveda became the natural progressive step. Under the tutelage of Dr. Vishnu, based at the Sivananda Ashram in Kerala , I took my baby steps and then bigger steps into Ayurveda principles and Nutrition. Continued the Ayurveda learnings at Kaivalyadham, Lonavala and augmented with Diploma in Psychology and Counselling from Symbiosis Institute ,Pune. Diploma in Journal Therapy from THE REED COLLEGE (UK) was culmination of another tool which brings insights into our own thought patterns.

Armed with the tools, knowledge , keen observation and strong intuitional abilities Yogavahi Wellness was initiated in the year 2021.

How can Yogavahi Wellness assist you in your  self -care journey?

Consultation – You can seek a consult to understand the basic map of your body, mind and emotions. You can seek a consult if you are are ailing and looking for support with natural therapies. You can seek support if you are facing emotional challenges and you can seek support if you don’t understand what’s happening to you at all. Yogavahi Wellness is a safe confidential space to offload everything that troubles you, if you are willing to walk on the journey of self-repair and recovery.

 Products – When it comes to self-care, we do not hesitate to seek help from nature and its abundant resources. As per the individual , each product is recommended and customised to fulfill the gaps of healing. We encourage the product buyers to seek an individual consult before choosing the products for their well-being.

Retreats – In continuation of seeking support from nature, we organise wellness retreats every month. These retreats are based on Ayurveda and Yoga led healing therapies, mental wellness practices and detox processes. The retreats focus on looking within, self-observation, using natural elements for well being and establishing sustainable self-care practices.

There is no one way of beginning your self care journey. You might choose to join on a retreat or buy a product or seek a consult. You might choose any first step and the rest will follow.

Yogavahi Wellness offers a special support system for neurodiverse kids and their caregivers and parents. ASD/ ADHD/ CP/ Down Syndrome kids can be supported for their physiological health with nutritional changes and routines . Gut health support is essential for atypical kids because it has a ripple effect on the other areas of life like learning , behaviour, focus and assimilation in their schools . When their gut health is taken care of then their supportive therapies like Occupational therapy/ speech therapy/ Special education yields trifold results and progress. The consultation offers specific support as per the kid’s condition, cultural background, location, family environment on a continuous long-term basis. This support is extended on occasions of kids’ common ailments like cold cough, viral infections , travel related ailments  so as to  ease the road to recovery.

Ayurveda offers unique solutions for common problems . A few glimpses are mentioned here.

If you are an artist and facing anxiety issues then a oil massage on your body will offer more calmness than the quintessential cup of tea/coffee or the puff of cigarette.

If you are working in sales in any kind of organisation, then reaching out for sugarcane juice will benefit you more than orange juice.

If you are a person working in operations, then having buttermilk is essential for you during lunch.

If you are a teacher then your cup of tea/coffee needs a boost of cardamom and your food needs the love of ghee.

What not to expect

Any opinion/advise on your ongoing current medication whether allopathy, homeopathy, ayurveda ,Chinese or any other system of healing.

Any opinion/advise on your cultural beliefs or practices

Any opinion /advise on your career path

Any opinion/ advise on your educational path

Any opinion / advise on who you should date or marry


Would you like to self care yoga retreat?