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About Vasumdhara – Abode of Yogavahi Wellness Retreats

Yogavahi Wellness hosted its first retreat at the farmhouse “Vasumdhara” in Karjat. The farmhouse is located amidst serene village named Kashele. It is surrounded by trees, hillocks and lots of whispering winds. The house itself is an open brick structure built with eco sustainable elements like Chira stone. The sloping grounds of the land provide excellent topography for the local plants and shrubs to grow. Lots of fruit trees like mango, guava, pomegranate , custard apple, gooseberry, jackfruit, wood apple and many more are abundantly growing on the land.

The land proudly hosts a unique combination of trees like Banyan and Peepal which are known to be more than 100 years old and are worshipped by local villagers for the important festivities like vat Savitri and others.

Vasumdhara boasts of a well-maintained swimming pool which is operational throughout the year.

Karjat offers excellent weather and scenery in monsoon and winters and also unbearable heat in the summer season.

Keeping in view the weather suitability of the location and as per ayurveda principles, retreats are not held in summer months of April and May.

Vasumdhara has in house excellent cooks who are expertly trained and guided by Shveta to prepare meals for the retreats. The meals are based on ayurveda principles and customized as per the individual needs of the participants.

The villa has been designed with extensive spaces to hold asana sessions and other activities of the retreat.

Nestled in natural elements, a visit to the farmland is enough to trigger the feelings of rest and well-being for the visitors.


The retreat intends to be a meeting point of “YOU” with “YOU” . As individuals we are divided into several roles of our life , professional and personal. Beginning from the late 20s , we are faced with the most difficult professional and personal roles of our life irrespective of the gender .We often ignore our emotional, mental and physical health for a decade or more. This retreat offers a window to understand where we began from , where we lost the plot of life and where have we arrived at. Contrary to belief , just a weekend spent with mindfulness and the focus towards self is more than enough to begin this journey for individuals.

It is absolutely possible to spend entire life without knowing the SELF, flowing with the daily activities of life , believing that fulfilling the professional and personal roles of our life is the BE ALL AND END ALL for us. Such believers do not become a part of these retreats. 

This wellness retreat attracts individuals who are exhausted yet not contented ,successful yet lost, busy but curious, labelled yet unaware of self.

The retreat provides the first step to self-discovery, awareness and emotional management with the help of Ayurveda, Yoga, Pranayama, Art and other holistic healing therapies . Each activity of the retreat is planned in accordance with the season, individual needs and customized to fulfill the most urgent issues of the contributors.

The group who come together for the retreat is the most serendipitous aspect and contributes to the beauty of the programme.

Monsoon detox retreat aims to cleanse your body, emotions and mind. As per ayurveda, rainy season when the digestive fire of the gut is at its lowest is the best time to undergo this catharsis experience for the gut and the mind. June , July ,Aug and September will be the months for hosting detox retreat by Yogavahi wellness. Monsoon is supposed to be the most beautiful season to visit Karjat which is conveniently located from Mumbai and Pune.

With the advent of autumn and winter, the wellness retreats will take shape at Vasumdhara. These are aimed towards rest and rejuvenation for the heart and mind but not so much for the body. When the physical self is stretched and moved in the winter season, it results in purgation of negativity and lethargy from the mind. Winters provide the luscious nip in the morning air with chill at night in Karjat  which is sorely missed by the residents of Mumbai and Pune with the rampant pollution and concretisation of these two cities.

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