Sesame oil prevents premature hair graying.prevents head lice,protects the hair and scalp against uv rays,acts as a coolant, fights dandruff , stimulates hair growth, hydrates the scalp and repairs damaged hair.


Ingredients – Sesame oil, coconut oil, hibiscus flowers and leaves, onion seeds, flaxseeds, methi  (fenugreek)seeds, amla (Indian gooseberry)

Sesame oil prevents premature hair graying.prevents head lice,protects the hair and scalp against uv rays,acts as a coolant, fights dandruff , stimulates hair growth, hydrates the scalp and repairs damaged hair.

Coconut oil is predominantly made up of a medium-chain fatty acid called lauric acid. This gives coconut oil a long, straight structure, which is more easily absorbed deep into the hair shaft. It’s thought that coconut oil’s chemical structure is behind its superior ability to protect hair . It helps in moisturizing your hair and reducing breakage, protecting your hair from protein loss and damage when wet and also protecting your hair from environmental damage like wind, sun, and smoke.

Hibiscus has nutrients for the hair and scalp as well as antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that can stop hair loss. It has a high concentration of vitamin C, which boosts the production of collagen, a protein that helps to strengthen hair. It also includes amino acids, which help nourish hair follicles and encourage the growth of healthy hair. Furthermore, the anti-inflammatory properties of hibiscus may help to soothe a flaky, itchy scalp.

Onion seeds promotes shiny and stronger hair. They have high amounts of sulphur .It reduces premature greying of hair, promotes scalp health, reduces hair dryness and dullness, natural conditioner , balances scalp PH levels and prevents hair breakage and thinning.

Flaxseed is rich in alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), a form of omega-3 fatty acid. Omega-3 fatty acids, found mainly in plant sources, are well-known for encouraging hair growth and contributing to a healthy scalp. They are said to lessen inflammation and shield hair roots, eventually making your hair stronger.

Amla - Amla works as a natural hair conditioner, leaving hair soft, smooth, and manageable. It aids in detangling the hair while reducing friction and breakage. The antioxidants in Amla combat free radicals that can damage the hair follicles and lead to hair loss.

Ayurveda Cooking method to make herb oils

Whole, powdered and paste of herbs are soaked in water and cooked in brass vessel for 6-7 hours . Then the base oil is added gradually and further cooked for another 6-7 hours till the water is totally evaporated. This method ensures the goodness of all herbs added are assimilated in the oil . This also increases the shelf life of the oil to two to three years easily.

There are no fragrances or preservatives added. There might be sometimes sediments of the herbs found at the bottom of the bottle and that’s perfectly alright to use. The colour of the oil will also change given the usage of herbs in different seasons and months of the year. A few herbs when available in the season are used fresh and sometimes in the dried powdered form which changes the colour of the oil but not the efficacy and benefits.

How to use and massage the scalp

Place coin sized amount in the palm of your right hand and drop this oil on the crown of your head. You can figure out the crown of your head by placing your thumb at the tip of your nose and little finger on the head and wherever that reaches is the spot of your crown. Use your finger buds to spread this oil in the surrounding sections of hair. If needed take more oil and first spread it in the first section of hair beginning from the forehead. Keep moving and spreading and massaging the oil till the nape of the neck. Use your first finger to massage behind the ears . Keep massaging with your finger buds all over the scalp. Lightly and gently tug at the sections of hair. Leave the oil in your hair for a few hours and then wash it off with shampoo or just water as you wish.

When not to apply oil in hair

  • In conditions of cold , cough and fever which may be seasoanal , viral or bacterial
  • If there is an external injury on the scalp , please don’t apply oil until it is healed completely.
  • Do not apply oil on scalp post evening hours or at night
  • Do not leave oil on the scalp overnight


Benefits of Oil Massage

  1. Moisture and Nourishment- In Sanskrit “Snehana” is the word which indicates the feeling of affection or oleation that we need for health , vigour and overall wellbeing. Hair oil provides essential moisture to the hair shaft, preventing dryness and brittleness. Regular massages with oil help in nourishing the scalp and hair follicles, promoting overall hair health.


  1. Strengthening-Certain oils, such as coconut oil, almond oil, and castor oil, contain nutrients that strengthen the hair shaft, reducing breakage and split ends. Massaging these oils into the scalp enhances their effectiveness in strengthening the hair.Any of these oils could be used as base oil for different body types and assimilated with herbs.


  1. Improved Blood Circulation - Massaging the scalp with oil improves blood circulation to the hair follicles. This increased blood flow delivers more oxygen and nutrients to the follicles, promoting hair growth and overall scalp health. Oil massage is the most ancient wellness therapy for health and immunity.


  1. Reduced Frizz and Tangles-Hair oil helps in smoothing the hair cuticle, reducing frizz and making the hair more manageable. Regular massages can also help in detangling the hair, making it easier to style. With all the variations of weather and seasons , hair have to face the brunt of dryness, humidity and pollution which damages the texture of hair. Oil massage protects hair against such external factors.


  1. Prevention of Scalp Issues- Oils such as tea tree oil and neem oil have antimicrobial properties that help in preventing scalp infections and issues like dandruff and itching. Regular application of these oils can maintain scalp health and prevent such problems.Any aromatic oil or essential oil should necessarily be used with a base or carrier oil. These concentrated oils should not be used for a direct application.


  1. Stress Relief -Massaging the scalp with oil can be a relaxing and stress-relieving experience. It helps in releasing tension from the scalp and muscles, promoting a sense of relaxation and well-being. The concept of external oleation “Snehana” is the practice for promoting overall well -being and hence oil massage is therapeutic.


  1. Promotion of Hair Growth- Some oils, like rosemary oil and peppermint oil, have been shown to stimulate hair growth by improving circulation and providing nutrients to the hair follicles. Similarly herbs like fenugreek, onion seeds have tremendous effect on hair growth.


  1. Enhanced Shine and Lustre -Hair oil coats the hair shaft, providing a protective layer that reflects light, giving the hair a healthy shine and lustre. Regular use can enhance the natural beauty of the hair and improve its overall appearance. The application of oil protects the texture of hair from damage of sun, wind and other environmental factors thereby keeping it shiny and lustrous.


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