Oh Yes,Oh Yes

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Yes, you read it right and I’m exactly talking about what you are thinking.

Yes, it’s the season to moan and scream not with body stiffness and aches but with pleasure. Being active in the sack will lead to lesser aches and pains , more flexibility and better immunity to fight the vices of the weather.

Winter season blesses us all with higher digestive fire enabling us to eat and digest more and hence higher stamina and energy levels. What better way to use this energy but to be with your “hot favourite” ,working out together.

According to Ayurveda , there are following signs of optimum health of a person

Regular Appetite

Sound Sleep

Sexual Desire

Being one with the rhythm of nature allows us to indulge in food and sex without guilt in the winter season . Apart from all the happy hormones theory that we all know about, fulfillment of sexual desires leads to strengthening of will, brings focus and makes us calmer.

Although I have no clue about the linkage between the Hindu calendar and the wedding season that follows Diwali , but it makes sense to me with the Ayurveda perspective. With optimum health of both partners coming together, it results into a healthy embryo , thereby leading to a resilient future generation for the continuity of human civilization.

Early morning is suggested to be the best time to enjoy your sack hour with light breakfast before or after. My personal advice is to combine a mutual massage session along with pleasure session to make the most of physical and emotional benefits.

Do not eat a heavy meal preceding the intimacy.

What to eat post making out. In order to replenish the ojas (vitality) of the body, it is advised to eat little ghee, honey or milk for both the partners.

The only donts in winter season are not to indulge in sex , when one of the

partners is unwell, during first 2 days of periods, post a heavy meal which can result into acidity and indigestion.

Following ayurvedic principles around sex and the seasons is about protecting and harnessing your shukra, or innate sexual vitality, which is connected to your immunity.

We owe it to nature to make out in this season , so people with partners , kindly oblige the natural cycles. People with no sexual partners bring out your self marketing prowess on dating apps and make the most of it , for the sake of your long term good health.

Last but not the least, will the self help tools suffice ? Absolutely. Where there is a will , there is a way and therefore , tools, techniques, partners , make the most of all the cards life has dealt to you.